1. Promote on Purpose
    PROP is an entity of WOP that allows you to promote your business with the purpose you set out to attain with your company. Promote your business annually or for a small monthly fee, or simply check out the local businesses in the Greater Atlanta area for free! We also offer Strategic marketing plan packages that include: Email blast, google ad-word search, E-flyer, Website advertisement, and a free consultation from a professional marketing eexecutive.
  2. Women With Purpose
    Women With Purpose or WWP is a non-profit organization and an entity of WOP. WWP is a women's group designed to build up the empowerment of women in the local community. It is a virtual forum that includes daily postings of weekly projects- self building, employment opportunities/leads, Beauty/fitness tips, Inspirational quotes, Recipes, Current events , Mommy activities, "Spice up the romance " dating and romance tips, and Once a month meetings that include volunteer, health and fitness outings. Combining women and purpose.
  3. Party on Purpose
    After a long day in the office , you've got to let loose! POP is an entity of WOP that gives you the right to party on purpose. POP offers several local venues, whether you want to book a party, business meeting, or just need a place to unwind, We've got you covered. We also offer several party packages for any occasion : Birthday, Anniversary, Promotion, Bachelor / Bachelorette party, or just because. We also offer business opportunities for business owners so in fact you have every right to party on purpose! Click the POP tab for more info.
  Win On  Purpose
 ​​ WOP is an multi business tree for the everyday  consumer looking for everyday things.  Lets face it, it's a headache to go from store to store or site to site to find what your looking for. Wouldnt it be so much easier to get it all in one place? In most cases the average working consumer has a lot to maintain on a day to day being it good or bad, having highs or lows, or deciding between, work or play we all need convenience at our  fingertips so that we can have more time for ourselves and our loved ones. Generlly when we're happy in all areas in our lives we feel like were winning, it is a choice, just as most of our actions are done with intent or pupose. Let us help you win on purpose or aid you in doing so. 
WOP has a genre of companies including: Advertising/Marketing (small to medium business needs), Promotions (parties, clubs, lounges, event spaces, ent. nightlife), Retail (boutique store, virgin hair, apparel, accessories, etc) Inspiration (Non profit group, community service, positive quotes, career opportinities, mom stuff, etc), and online classes (quick how to's on managing stress, work/life balance, getting further, and resume writing, etc.).  Not only is WOP the go to for branding but it also allows access to other businesses that could be beneficial for you. 
WOP has several entities that can accommodate anybody from the average consumer to the everyday business professional. We aim to not only to bring convenience  to you but we promise to empower, uplift, and inspire YOU, yes YOU! We want to make it easy for you to WIN!
M N Heyward
Meeting  Room Spaces Available
Allow your Business to Stand Out
Book your next out of the office meeting at one of our venues, we offer a private setting , catering optional. Venues and Pricing can be viewed under POPP 
WOP has marketing plans that can boost traffic to your business and its revenue, packages can be viewed under PROP